What’s a Scarifier & Why You Need One

A Scarifier is an unknown machine to many homeowners but can be an essential piece of garden machinery to maintain and ensure healthy lush lawns every year.

It’s a walk behind machine that you operate in a very similar way to a lawnmower and has a set of cylinders with attached sharp blades. These rotate over the lawn, slitting & hooking the grass.

The Benefits

A scarifier when used correctly, can encourage new grass growth by splitting the grass roots and allowing them to breathe. This in turn allows more water & nutrients to seep into the soil. It also removes moss, thatch and weeds from the grass that has collected over the summer months. It’s particularly important to remove any moss from your lawn as it encourages grass root infections which can in time kill off patches of grass.


Image Credit: AL-KO Gardentech UK

When to Use a Scarifier

It is recommended to use your scarifier twice a year. Performing a light scarify in the spring, followed by a heavier application in the Autumn, when the weather is not frosty or too cold.

Grass should be dry and freshly mowed before scarifying to get the best results. The height of cut is also important- the blades should not cut into the grass any more than 3mm, to avoid damaging the lawn.

Use the scarifier across the lawn as well as up and down to create a cross hatch effect, to ensure full coverage.

Once scarified, the lawn should be watered, fertilized and re seeded if required.

Types of Scarifier

Scarifiers come in petrol, battery and electric options.

Battery & electric options are more suited to medium lawns such as the electric AL-KO 38E Combi Care (pictured below). Suitable for lawns up to 800m2, it has a 12 metre cable, 5 stage height adjuster and a 55 litre  collector.  The 3 in 1 function allows you to scarify, collect and ventilate with the use of the easy to change aerator and raking rollers supplied.


For larger lawns and for more experienced users, there is the Weibang Intrepid 384 RB petrol scarifier, as pictured below from inside our store. Powered by an easy start 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine, it’s suitable for lawns up to 2000m2. It has 22 carbon steel blades with are fully adjustable and a hard wearing steel body.

As with all garden machinery, it is advisable to service every year to keep the machine in good working order. You can find more information about our servicing here. 

Alternatively why not pop into our showroom based near Maldon in Essex.

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