Battery Lawnmowers- A Buying Guide

Also known as cordless mowers, battery lawnmowers are becoming ever more popular with gardeners looking to use a greener alternative to petrol garden machinery. The collection system and blade operation works in the same way, just without an engine! Being powered by lithium batteries, users are no longer tied down with a cord from traditional electric plug in mowers.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

As with all mowers, the first thing to consider is the size of the area that needs to be cut. Much in the same way as petrol, battery lawnmowers come in different widths, in both push and self propelled options. Mowers with a wider cutting width will cut the grass much more quickly. However the wider the cut, the heavier the machine is to maneuver so a large cutting width may not be suitable for a small garden.

The size of lawn area will also determine the size of battery that will be needed to complete the cut. The bigger the battery, the longer the run time. Think about roughly how long it would take on average to cut the area and look for battery lawnmowers that have enough running time to match that. Also consider if you have areas of long grass or slopes as this will impact on the amount of energy used by the battery. Some models of lawnmower do have the option of adding a second battery to increase the run time.

Pros & Cons of Battery Lawnmowers

Below we have listed the Pro’s and Con’s of owning a battery lawnmower to help you decide if it’s the right option for you.


  • No emissions- making it the greener machinery option.
  • Lighter and less noisy than petrol.
  • Increased maneuverability compared to standard electric¬† machines.
  • Easy to use- just plug in the batteries and go.
  • Less maintenance than petrol in terms of servicing, buying and storing fuel and oil.
  • Batteries and chargers can often be used with different machinery in the same range, such as battery hedge trimmers and grass cutters.


  • Can be an expensive upfront cost to buy when compared to an electric or petrol mower.
  • 2 year warranty on the battery compared to often a 5 year on the engine of a petrol mower.
  • Limited running time, dependent on the battery, although this is being improved.
  • Some models can have a long charge time for the batteries.

Top Tip

Still not sure whether a battery lawnmower is right for you? Why not visit your local retailer, have a look at what the options are and ask questions! Top tip when viewing, always make sure that the battery and charger are included within the price given. Here at Maldon Garden Machinery we have listed the prices of our battery mowers as both the individual unit price and the kit price for your convenience.

In our showroom near Maldon in Essex, we have a range of battery mowers, including the AL-KO 42.9 Li SP voted Gardener’s World best buy in their lawnmower 2020 test.


Al-Ko 42.9 Li SP cordless lawn mower - BBC Gardeners' World

Image Credit BBC Gardeners’ World

We have a range of battery garden machinery; brush cutters, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers and even chainsaws! Visit us in store today and we’ll help you find the right machinery for you.

Quality brands in stock and to order

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